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Richard Swinburne

Richard Granville Swinburne

Richard Swinburne (born 26 December 1934) is an English Christian philosopher and Emeritus professor of the philosophy of the Christian religion at Oxford University. He taught there from 1985 until 2002 before achieving Emeritus status.

His main research interests are the justification of the central claims of Christianity as well as all of the central issues of philosophy.[1]

In his writings, Swinburne has defended the existence of God as well as substance dualism which holds that there exists an immaterial soul or mind for each individual human being. In his book Is There a God?, Swinburne gives a form of the Teleological (Design) Argument for God's existence. He is also an open theist, meaning that he believes that God is inside time and does not know the future with certainty.


Swinburne was educated at Oxford where he earned a B.A. in philosophy, politics and economics in 1957. In 1959, he earned a B.Phil.[2]


  • "The Coherence of Theism", 1977; revised 1993
  • The Existence of God, 1979; revised 2004
  • The Evolution of the Soul, 1986
  • Is There a God?, 1996; revised 2010
  • Was Jesus God?, 2008
  • Mind, Brain and Free Will, 2013

The above list represents only a selection of Dr. Swinburne's writings, not a complete list.