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Rilpedia (Real-pedia in Swedish) is an Internet-based encyclopedia using mainly Wikipedia® articles available under the GNU licence, but modified to remove offensive content and anti-biblical bias. There are both Swedish and English versions of Rilpedia.


Rilpedia apparently began in December 2006,[1] and was founded by Rolf Lampa.[2]


Rilpedia states its purpose as:

Rilpedia aims to gather all the good work and encourages taking responsibility for new generations and giving them access to a broad assortment of sound knowledge thereby supporting them to build up at sound world view, a sound view on fellowmen and a sound view of man and his origins.[1]

The editorial team accepts the Bible as a historical source.

It also aims to keep "the encyclopedia clear of morally unsuitable articles".[1]


In order to avoid conflicts between usernames on Rilpedia and in the history of articles copied from Wikipedia, users are required to use their same username as on Wikipedia. Failure to do this could result in the username being deleted if the person with that username on Wikipedia wants to use it on Rilpedia.


Users are not able to edit articles or even their user pages, and discussion regarding the content of articles is confined to separate moderated forum. Editing is apparently by approved editors only.


Rilpedia copies Wikipedia articles automatically, and where necessary, modifies them to conform to Rilpedia's requirements. The creators of Rilpedia have also developed software that will allow for updates to Wikipedia articles to be merged with modified Rilpedia articles. Some Rilpedia articles will be locked in whole or in part to prevent automatic updates.


Lilpedia is a children's version of Rilpedia, which can be edited by children only.

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