Rita O'Hare

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Rita O'Hare is an Irish political worker, terrorist and fugitive.

Political Work

O'Hare is the General Secretary and United States representative of the Sinn Féin, the second largest party in the Northern Irish Assembly.

Crimes of Terror

O'Hare was arrested for the murder of Frazon Paton, a British Army Warrant Officer. She fled to Ireland while on bail. She has also been convicted of smuggling explosives to the IRA, for which she served a three-year sentence.


Since 1972 O'Hare has been a fugitive from the United Kingdom, where she is wanted on an outstanding arrest warrant. The Irish High Court has blocked her extradition, on the grounds that the murder she is alleged to have committed is a "political offense". She occasionally has difficulty travelling to the United States of America due to the outstanding warrant.

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