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Robin Williams

Robin Williams (1951-2014) was a stand-up comedian and actor who first came to national attention in Mork and Mindy. His breakthrough role was as a hip, wisecracking, anti-establishment DJ in Good Morning, Vietnam. He has frequently portrayed doctors or therapists; in Good Will Hunting he played a professor of psychology treating an underachieving genius (Matt Damon).

In a couple of movies he played a character who becomes popular due to a fraud. In the first, he's elected president when a computer program gives the wrong election result. In World's Greatest Dad his character provided the fraud when he palms off his own writing as that of his dead son.

Many of his movies deal with death. He played an Alaskan murderer; a pediatrician who dies in a car accident (and then his wife commits suicide) in What Dreams May Come.

Williams identified as an Episcopalian, and coined the term Catholic-lite in his stand-up to describe his faith,[1] but also considered himself an "honorary Jew" on account of having many Jewish associations.

Williams committed suicide in 2014. He was suffering from Lewy body dementia, a devastating and progressive neurological condition.

Atheist PZ Myers' caustic commentary on the suicide of comedian Robin Williams

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In August 2014, very shortly after the suicide of Robin Williams, the atheist PZ Myers made a callous and socially/emotionally tone-deaf blog post on the matter compounded by him subsequently indicating in the blog post comment section that he should have been "more rude".[2]

Fellow atheist and evolutionist Jerry Coyne wrote in response to Myers' commentary on the suicide of Robin Williams:

This is one of the most contemptible and inhumane things I've ever seen posted by a well-known atheist. It reeks of arrogance, of condescension, and especially of a lack of empathy for those who loved and admired Williams not because they knew him, but because he brought them happiness and made them think.[3]

Myers was angry because he felt that the news of Robins Williams death was crowding out the news story of the African-American Michael Brown who was shot by a police officer (a race riot subsequently ensued).[4] Myers was criticized by one of the bloggers at Hemant Mehta's blog The Friendly Atheist due to his "his heartless, classless body blow to the still-warm corpse of Robin Williams."[4] In addition, Myers' hypocrisy was pointed out as he had made no blog posts previously about the Michael Brown matter and additionally Myers a day earlier, made "a substance-free 15-word post whose main attraction was a photo of a cute bulldog puppy."[4]


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