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Rock-Paper-Scissors (also called Rochambeau) is a simple game played between two people using their hands.

The players make fists and say "Rock, Paper, Scissors" (or Ro-Cham-Beau); after the word "Scissors"(Beau) (or after the word "Paper" (Cham) depending on the rules) both players choose one of three hand signs, either a fist for 'Rock', the hand flat for 'Paper', or the middle and ring fingers extended for 'Scissors.'

The winner is chosen according to the following rules: Paper beats Rock, Scissors beats Paper, and Rock beats Scissors. If both throw the same, the game is repeated until a winner.

Rock-Paper-Scissors is often used as a method of tie-breaking. It was actually used in a court case where the litigants could never seem to agree on any matter before the court.

There are many variations of this game; one variation adds "lizard" and "Spock". In theory any variation using an odd number of options allows an equal number of winners and losers (plus the tie).