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Personal life

Rory John Malone is an Irish Comedian,Writer and Musician from Wexford, Ireland. Born in Waterford on the 20th of May, 1982, Rory spent his childhood living in the nearby town of New Ross before moving to Scarke, just three miles away. He describes himself as a hopeful atheist.

Early career

Rory spent the first year of his career writing a short book entitled Why I Hate You. Upon finishing that he wrote a loosely based sequel, ignoring continuity saying:

It's not exactly a sequel just another set of events based around the same characers...You know ?

Vampires And Nightmares

On the first of May Rory announced that he had been working on a short film entitled Vampires And Nightmares. It is to be released in late 2009. He has not stated what role he will have although he will and least co-writing the project.

Common Themes

Common themes in his work include Death,Racism,Politics,Jokes about jokes and Religion. He is known to take a considerably darker approach to comedy than many other comedians.

Notable Works

2006 2007 2009
Why I Hate You (Book) Nervous Times (Book) Vampires And Nightmares (Film)