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Type of dog Working Group
guard; herder
Land of origin Rottweil, Germany
Date first bred Unknown, likely time of Roman Empire
First recorded breeder unknown
Height 24-27 in (male)
22-25 in (female)
Weight 110-130 lbs (male)
77-106 lbs (female)
Life span 8-11 yrs
Other names Metzgerhund
Recognition Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler Klub (1921)
American Kennel Club (1931)

A rottweiler is a large breed of dog. They are extremely strong, and are very smart. They were bred to pull carts, and herd sheep, and now can work as guide dogs, search and rescue dogs, police dogs, guard dogs, and other roles. They are also used by some militaries. Due to their strength, strong will, size, appearance, and intimidating bark, they are commonly thought of as aggressive and mean, and have even been banned in some communities or required to be muzzled in public. They account for almost 60% of fatal dog attacks, second after the pitbull (adjusted for the population of the breed). This is not to say they are all mean dogs, as many owners train them to attack or fight, and many even mistreat them to make them mean. If trained properly (and treated well), they can be loving and loyal companions. Training them, however, is not optional. Certain precautions should also be taken, as they are strong and have powerful jaws, and they are big and heavy and have a lot of energy, to ensure they do not hurt anyone. This includes properly introducing them to strangers and house guests, getting them enough exercise to burn off all their energy, socializing them at a young age (the earlier the better, while they are still puppies and are smaller and their bites cannot hurt as much), and not allowing them near small children unsupervised.

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