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The Security Through Regularized Immigration and a Vibrant Economy (STRIVE) Act H.R.1645 is a United States House of Representatives bill that attempts to create a bipartisan legislation to address the problems of illegal immigration by providing all lawmakers with some elements of the earlier, failed comprehensive immigration reform bills.

Key Provisions of the Act[edit]

  • Calls for an increase in border security and the number of border agents and technology to assist them.
  • Creates a mandatory employer verification program.
  • Creates a new H-2C visa, with a cap of 400,000 that offers a path to legalization to workers, and their families, expands the H-1B visa program cap from 65-thousand to 180-thousand and creates broader definitions for those exempt from the cap. Includes a massive expansion of the number of visas for agricultural workers and their families.
  • Allows illegal aliens and children of illegal aliens to attend colleges at in-state tuition rates [1]


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