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This article is about the Australian Christian organization. For the Messianic Jewish community, see Saltshakers.
Salt Shakers is an Australian-based Christian ethics organisation.

It's web-site describes it as:

...dedicated to helping Christians understand the times (1 Chronicles 12: 32) and equipping them to be SALT and LIGHT in the community (Matthew 5: 13-16) by upholding Biblical values and by being more aware of the ethical issues affecting today’s society.[1]

The organisation was started in October 1994 by Peter and Jenny Stokes.

Salt Shakers produces a hardcopy newsletter and an e-mail newsletter, bringing current ethical issues to the attention of subscribers and encouraging them to take action themselves, including writing to television stations, parliamentarians, advertisers, etc. to complain about their support of immoral activities, and to encourage them when they oppose or withdraw their support of immoral activities.


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