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A scapegoat is someone falsely portrayed, often by liberals, as being the cause of a problem when the real cause is something else, such as Hollywood values, refusal to read the Bible, or other Leftist traits.

Typically some liberals make money off creating a scapegoat, as in falsely accusing a police department or large corporation of a death actually caused by drug addiction or other liberal activity.

Pack of wolves

Liberals act like a pack of wolves when they engage in scapegoating. A wolf that serves as the scapegoat for a pack in the wild is performing a service of stress relief for other insecure wolves in the pack. A pack of wolves typically includes a dominant pair called the alpha wolves, and a scapegoat wolf that is called the omega.


Incredibly, the origin of "scapegoat" as a noun is from Leviticus 16:8 (KJV). Its first usage as a verb was not until centuries later, in 1943.

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