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  • '... given the momentum that has been building up among so many interest groups to fight "global warming," it becomes downright embarrassing to support basic climate research. After all, one would hate to admit that one had mobilized so many resources without the basic science's being in place.' [1]
  • Climate research, once a sleepy academic backwater, is now a multibillion-dollar industry. This boom in spending is because of fears of AGW, and should AGW theory be discredited, this funding will quickly dry up. So funding for climate researchers exists only as long as climate researchers beat the drum that AGW is a large threat. [2]
  • Certainly AGW supporters claim that academic researchers are only concerned about the science and are not concerned about the funding incentives. This may be true (though a bit naïve, for anyone who has been in a university environment and sought research funding), but if pro-AGW researchers are not swayed by the funding, then it should be equally true that AGW skeptics are not swayed by much smaller amounts of money flowing to them. Any argument that tries to claim that these situations are somehow different just ends up being circular, i.e. “it’s OK if our guys do it because our guys are right.” [ibid]

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