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Sebastian Kurz is the prime minister of Austria, serving since January 2020. He is a member of the establishment Austrian People's Party and leads a government coalition which includes the left-wing Green Party. From January 2017 to May 2019, he led a coalition government including the conservative Freedom Party of Austria.

Kurz is frequently labeled a "conservative," though in reality, he is a right-of-center liberal and moderate globalist. For example, in addition to attempting to willingly dissolving the FPÖ–ÖVP government, he also attempted to remove Austria's anti-mass migration interior minister from his position.[1] On May 27, 2019, after Kurz ousted the FPÖ from the country's government, Austria's parliament pushed him out of office through a no-confidence vote.[2] After a September 2019 election which saw Kurz and the ÖVP perform well, he created a coalition agreement with the leftist Green Party.[3] He is confirmed as Young Global Leader member.[4]


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