Second Amendment rulings

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Here is a growing list of judicial rulings on the Second Amendment:




  • In Young v. Hawaii, the Ninth Circuit ruled by a 2-1 margin that a Hawaii law infringing on the right to "open carry" is unconstitutional. A petition for rehearing en banc by the broader, and more liberal Ninth Circuit is pending. (In the massive Ninth Circuit en banc sittings are not the entire court, but much of it.)


  • The U.S. Supreme Court continued its pattern of denying certiorari (i.e., denying an appeal) on petitions to review gun control decisions by appellate courts. The U.S. Supreme Court denies cert in three such cases in 2017.[1]
  • In United States v. Robinson, the Fourth Circuit held that there were little or no Fourth Amendment rights by someone who is armed. The Supreme Court then denied cert in No. 16-1532.

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