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Section 28, sometimes referred to as Clause 28, is a former piece of legislation in the United Kingdom which was introduced as part of the Local Government Act 1988 and amended the Local Government Act 1986. The legislation banned local authorities and schools from teaching and promoting homosexuality in any shape or form alike. The legislation was introduced by the Conservative government of Margaret Thatcher in response to left-wing (Labour Party) controlled authorities seeking to deliberately indoctrinate and teach homosexuality to children.

In 2003 the Act was repealed by the Labour government of Tony Blair. Nowadays in Britain, the education system is encouraged to teach, encourage and indoctrinate acceptance of homosexuality to children.[1][2][3]

Former Conservative Party Prime Minister David Cameron has said the party "made a mistake with section 28" in response to a question from homosexual "rights" campaign group Stonewall, though he voted for retaining Section 28 in 2003.[3]


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