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Shame is the sense of embarrassment and regret felt when one is aware of having done something sinful, stupid, or wrong. A sense of shame is essential if one is to have a mature, adult sense of responsibility. Liberals frequently lack a developed sense of shame. Instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, they prefer to blame any negative consequences of their actions on society, economic forces or other people. At the same time, they attempt to instill shame in those that hold conservative values.

Shame in the Bible

The first recorded instance of shame was in the Garden of Eden. After Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they realized their nudity and felt shame. Thus, shame is a naturally intended part of all of us and we must use it to develop humility.

Shame in psychotherapy

  • No man needs to rely on shame to keep himself on the right path. Shame says, "I am worthless and bad." In contrast, guilt says "I did something bad." Guilt can be appropriate, and convey a needed message. But shame—which is felt on a bodily level as an internal collapsing and deflation—demeans the person at his very core and destroys his worth and dignity.[1]


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