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Shandy is a traditional British drink made from lemonade (in Britain, lemonade may include carbonated citrus drinks, such as Sprite®, or 7-up®), and beer normally mixed 50-50. There are, however, many variations, including substituting lemonade for ginger beer. Aficionados may prefer to have lemonade first or beer first. Traditionally the beer has been traditional English Ale but with the popularity of lager beers from Europe it is permissible to request a lager shandy.

The drink is a very popular refreshment during the summer months as it effectively dilutes the concentration of alcohol and therefore can be consumed in larger amounts. It is not normal for the drink to be served with ice but should be served chilled. Non-alcoholic or very low (<1%) versions are available in cans. Traditional English ales are hand pumped rather than being dispensed through pressurised gas or an electric pump. Owing to the innate fizziness of lemonade, hand-pumped beer is preferred by some connoisseurs