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Shayla O'Brien (Nov 17, 2014 — May 29, 2016) was a baby girl removed from her biological drug-addict mother five days after birth by social services and put in the care of Vale of Glamorgan Council. In 2015, after a drive by LGBT "charities," the Fostering Network began to encourage "same-sex marriage couples" to adopt children.[1] Despite her natural grandmother Sian O'Brien begging and starting proceedings to become her legal guardian, Shayla was given to a "married" homosexual couple instead, Matthew and Craig Scully-Hicks. The infant who was renamed by "a suitable adoptive family" to Elsie Scully-Hicks, suffered, following months of abuse, bleeding in her brain and eyes, a fractured skull and fractured ribs, and finally died, aged 18 months, in the University Hospital of Wales four days upon arrival on May 29, 2016, just a fortnight after the process of formal adoption had been finished.[2] A jury convicted the part-time fitness instructor and "Gay" adoptive "stay-at-home father" Matthew Scully-Hicks of murder following a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.[3] During the investigation, it has been revealed that Matthew Scully-Hicks in his text messages i.a. wrote about "a long-standing issue" when baby kept waking up "at regular intervals during the night," just wanting "to be given her dummy and attention," and in the end killed the youngster after violently shaking her and banging her head on a hard surface.[4]

The birth family of murdered toddler, though acknowledging at the time of giving birth Shayla's mother was living a chaotic lifestyle, say Shayla would "still be alive today" if she had not been removed from their care and if her natural grandmother would not be denied by the authorities to be a fit and proper person to bring up her granddaughter.[5]

Social services in the Vale of Glamorgan visited the "gay" family 15 times but still raised no concerns - despite finding out the severity of vulnerable child's injuries.[4]

Shayla's natural grandmother Sian urged people to sign a petition calling on the Government to hold an independent investigation into forced adoption and fostering. The petition accuses the system of “needlessly tearing families apart in favour of adoption when there are perfectly good and adequate options with family, grandparents, uncles, aunts, brothers and sisters”.[1]


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