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Shrewsbury is a town and is the county town of Shropshire, England through which the River Severn flows around, leaving it a peninsula. It is approximately nine miles east of the Welsh border and the railway station is a regional interchange. The town's colours are blue and amber. It is no longer the county's largest town, the conurbation of Telford in the east of the county is bigger.

Most of the buildings in the town centre are medieval. The town has a castle and an abbey. In the medieval times it was an important walled city in battles against the Welsh. The only remains of the wall are in the town's McDonald's. Shrewsbury was where one of England's bloodiest battles was fought. The rebel leader Harry Hotspur raised an army against Henry IV in 1403. The King won.

Shrewsbury Town Football Club play in the English Football League Two (soccer). Their Gay Meadow stadium was famous for flooding as it lay right by the river. It was demolished in 2007 and replaced by a 10,000 seater stadium in the Meole Brace suburb, commercially known as the Prostar Stadium after the team's kit supplier but known by fans as the New Meadow.

Charles Darwin was born and brought up in the town and attended it's famous private school. Tony Blair's father, Leo Blair, lives in the town.

Its population is 67,126 (2001).