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Country United States
Style Heavy Metal
Trash Metal
Year 1981

Slayer is an American thrash metal band formed in Huntington Park, California in 1981. The band has endured a strong series of backlashes from both Christianity and the general public for controversial titles such as South Of Heaven and God Hates Us All. However, their bassist/vocalist Tom Araya is a Roman Catholic who claims to not be offended by the lyrics that Kerry King wrote. In 2013, their guitarist, Jeff Hanneman, died. He was replaced by Jason Truby who was previously in Christian metal bands such as P.O.D. and Living Sacrifice. Later in the same year, their drummer, Dave Lombardo, got replaced by returning member named Paul Bostaph.


  • Tom Araya- Bass/vocals
  • Kerry King- Guitars
  • Jason Truby- Guitars
  • Paul Bostaph- Drums


  • Best Metal Performance, Grammy Awards 2007
  • Best Metal Performance, Grammy Awards 2008


  • Show No Mercy - 1983
  • Hell Awaits - 1985
  • Reign In Blood - 1986
  • South of Heaven - 1988
  • Seasons In The Abyss - 1990
  • Divine Intervention - 1994
  • Diabolus en Musica -1998
  • God Hates Us All - 2001
  • Christ Illusion - 2006
  • World Painted Blood - 2009
  • Relentless - 2015