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Southwest Airlines is a major airline in the United States, and the world's largest low-cost carrier. Once known for its fun-loving approach to its workforce, it became a symbol of tyranny by requiring all of its workers to receive the experimental COVID vaccine in 2021.

Southwest Airlines was founded in 1966 by Herbert Kelleher and Rollin King (two Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity brothers), and in 1967 it was incorporated as Air Southwest Co. It was able to take advantages of several loopholes in order to gain success: mainly that since it was not a signatory to the agreement between other airlines and Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (since it wasn't in business when the agreement was signed) it could fly out of Dallas Love Field instead (which was being replaced with DFW), and also limiting service to Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio it wouldn't be subject to federal law since it was only an intrastate carrier. Another major factor was its decision to fly only one type of aircraft, the Boeing 737, thus reducing the costs of parts and tooling needed to maintain the fleet. (For a time, after its merger with AirTran, it owned a small fleet of Boeing 717 aircraft from AirTran, but it quickly sold or leased them to other carriers.)

It is one of the world's safest airlines: it has had only one air fatality in its history (along with two ground fatalities).

It is also known for its humor, both on flights and in advertising.

On October 13, 2020 an African American man wearing a ‘Black Voices For Trump‘ cap and a Trump face mask during the CCP pandemic, was removed from a Southwest flight from Tampa to Dallas allegedly for lowering his mask to eat peanuts provided by the airline. Other passengers on the same flight also lowered their masks to eat peanuts provided by the airline and were not removed from the flight.[1]