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The twisty Belgian circuit of Spa Francorchamps was designed by Henri Langlois Van Ophem, Ann Francesca Gilliat and Jules de. They were first raced on in 1924, covering the towns of Francorchamps, Malmedy and Stavelot.

In recent years this has been updated due to removal of the deadly Masta Kink and the introduction of a midfield section. The pits have been updated causing the lack of Spa from the calendar in 2003 and 2006

Eau Rouge

The most dangerous corner on the F1 calendar, Eau Rouge has recently caught out Alex Zanardi's Lotus in 1993, Belgian Women's Volkswagen V8 champion Jessica Harrison in 1995, Jacques Villeneuve and Ricardo Zonta's B.A.Rs in 1999, Giancarlo Fisichella's Renault in 2005 and Steffan Bellof's horrifying Porsche accident.

Infamous races

  • In 1995 Michael Schumacher came from 16th on the grid in the streaming wet to win crucially against the ailing Damon Hill and David Coulthard to claim 10 crucial points.
  • In 1997 Schumacher won dominantly in the wet to prove his "Regenmeister" prowess.
  • In 1998 an 18-car pile up caused by David Coulthard led to a race in which Damon Hill won in the wettest conditions ever seen.