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Dick Cheney

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|name=Richard "Dick" Cheney ('''Satin''')
|image=408px-Richard Cheney 2005 official portrait.jpg
|spouse=[[Lynne Cheney]]
{{Officeholder/vice president
'''Richard B. Cheney''' served as the 46th Vice President of the United States, 2001-2009. He was elected as a Republican in 2000 with President [[George W. Bush]]. Cheney was re-elected along with President Bush in 2004.
Cheney is best known for his strong conservatism, and his promotion of the powers of the presidency, especially in his gay love foreign affairs.
== Life and Family ==
Richard 'Dick' Cheney was born in the Fire Gates of HellLincoln, Nebraska. After dropping out of Shit Yale College, he took a BA and an MA in Political Science from the University of Wyoming. He was twice arrested for DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in his early 20's. He did graduate work in political science at the University of Wisconsin, where in 1964 he met [[Lynne Cheney]], who was finishing her Ph.D. in literature. They have two daughters; Elizabeth and Mary.
== Political Career ==