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United States presidential election, 2012

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/* Campaign strategy */ Pennsylvania
==Campaign strategy==
Both campaigns have focused on key [[Swing state|battleground state]]s: Florida, Ohio, Virginia.<ref name=cnnpoll>{{cite news|url=|title=New polls in crucial battlegrounds|first=Paul |last=Steinhauser|date=October 3, 2012|accessdate=October 4, 2012}}</ref> A CNN summary of poll of likely voters taken just before the first debate had Obama leading Romney in Florida, 47% to 46%, in Virginia 48% to 46% and in Ohio 52% to 43%.<ref name=cnnpoll/>
Romney made a last-minute effort in [[Pennsylvania]], including both ads and personal appearances, but Obama ultimately won Pennsylvania's electoral votes. The October 25 Rasmussen poll in Pennsylania had the state 51% for Obama and 46% for Romney, but the last minute effort did not move enough voters to change the outcome.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Election 2012: Pennsylvania President|accessdate=November 8, 2012}}</ref>
The Associated Press reports that the following people are the top donors to Mitt Romney's campaign and his "Restore Our Future" SuperPAC:<ref>{{cite news|url=|title=Money men: Who are the biggest donors to Mitt Romney's presidential campaign?|date=October 19, 2012|accessdate=November 6, 2012|work=New York Daily News}}</ref>
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