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::::I should also point out that the study does confirm that traits such as leadership, morals, and other valeus doe matter, but only as far as third party candidates, and very rarely for the Democrat-Republican paradigm. I would also concede that the findings of the first study find minimal difference by major campaigns can tip elections in a very divided electorate, but I would also argue that this does not change the fact that the people who are voting early are the people who are most ideologically driven and therefore less likely to fall into the small group affected by the elections. [[User:SteveSpagnola|SteveSpagnola]] 21:46, 22 November 2012 (EST)
== HB 244 in Georgia ==
The bill, as introduced by Sue Burmeister (R-119th), did not contain no-excuse absentee voting or (as far as I can tell) a photo ID provision. In the rules committee substitute (, section 48 was added to provide for no-excuse absentee voting. Given the Republican control of the Georgia Legislature in the 2005-06 session, the Republicans could have easily removed the early voting provision and passed the remaining bill (indeed, other amendments to the bill were defeated in the House). Further, this ignores that Georgia pointed to the existence of no-excuse absentee voting as evidence that no eligible voters would be disenfranchised by voter photo ID. [[User:GregG|GregG]] 22:19, 22 November 2012 (EST)
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