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Rachel Maddow

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'''Rachel Maddow''' (b. 1973) is a [[left-wing]] American media personality. She previously worked for the now-defunct [[Air America]] radio network and is current news anchor for [[MSNBC]]. Maddow was an outspoken advocate for saving the [[fascist]] regime of [[Saddam Hussein]] under the [[Iraq]]i [[Ba'athist]]s. Maddow has exploited the tragedies suffered by families and victims of the [[September 11, 2001 terror attacks]] to promote [[socialism]] and the unpopular [[Obamacare]] program.<ref>Maddow: "How about we get together as Americans and agree to get health care for the heros of 9/11." ''The Rachel Maddow Show'' transcript, MSNBC, September 9, 2010. []</ref>
Maddow has a bachelors degree from [[Stanford University]], and earned a doctorate from [[Oxford University]] as a [[Rhodes Scholar]]. Maddow is one of the few openly [[lesbian|gay]] personalities in the mainstream news media. Like almost everyone at the MSNBC network, she has an immoral a secular world view and uses her position in the media to advance her [[homosexual agenda]].
As a self described "commie lib" and follower of [[Barack Obama]], Maddow has not been known to criticize the incumbent extreme leftist agenda. A rabid anti-[[George W. Bush|Bush]] fanatic, Maddow openly derides [[Conservative values]] and the [[Republican Party]]. Maddow uses her show to deliver [[racist]] rants against [[outsourcing]] jobs to [[China]] and [[India]].<ref>[ The Dark Side of the Outsourcing Revolution,] By Naeem Mohaiemen, AlterNet, January 23, 2004.</ref><ref>[ Does Outsourcing Create Racism?] Yahoo Answers.</ref><ref>[ Is 'Outsourced' racist? [[NBC]]'s new comedy, set in a Mumbai call center, is drawing charges that it's culturally insensitive,] Review, ''The Week'', September 24, 2010.</ref><ref>[ Outsourced Racism,] ''[[New Republic]]'', Neera Tanden, May 5, 2010.</ref><ref>"at the World Economic Forum trade a British unionist, Philip Jennings, boldly declared that [[outsourcing]] white-collar jobs to low-wage developing countries, especially [[India]] and [[China]], would provoke ... opposition of developed-world labour unions to trade liberalisation, especially in relation to outsourcing, imports of cheap consumer goods and labour migration, can easily fuel [[racism]] within the West in the 21st century." []</ref><ref>[ Transcript: The Rachel Maddow Show,] Thursday. October 14, 2010.</ref>