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CreationWiki reports on an article concerning [[creation]] that was deleted from Wikipedia, and links to the Wikipedia page with the vote for deletion of the article, with the comment that: "Despite Wikipedia's NPOV policy, many voters felt free to vote to delete the article on the grounds that they considered creationism as pseudoscience or worse, rather than on the merits of the article itself." and "no administrators felt the need to remind the voters that they should be voting on the merits of the article, not their personal opinion of creationism".<ref name=Wikipedia/>
As of 15th October December 2012 there were 5,384 446 articles written in english from a creationist point of view. <ref name=CWMain/> Considering the other languages​​, there are a total of 6,670 956 articles.<ref name=CWMain/> One of the more interesting articles at CreationWiki is their article on [[Bible scientific foreknowledge]].<ref></ref> Bible scientific foreknowledge is the concept that holds the [ Bible contains knowledge that shows an understanding of scientific knowledge beyond that believed to exist at the time the Bible was composed].<ref>[ Bible Scientific Foreknowledge]</ref><ref></ref>
[[EvoWiki]] attempts many refutations of CreationWiki's claims. However, CreationWiki monitors EvoWiki quite closely and has many answers to EvoWiki's claims--and also to those of Talk.Origins and various other pro-evolution organizations such as the [[National Center for Science Education]].