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Aid and abet

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Apparently US law has a very different interpretation of this term to what I am used to, apologies if this isn't quite accurate.
To '''Aid aid and abet''' means is to actively, knowingly, or intentionally and knowingly assist another person in or encourage the commission of a crime. Generally speaking and aider or attempted commission abettor is considered a '''party''' to the offence, compared to the perpetrator who is the '''principle'''. Whilst jurisdictions vary, many common law jurisdictions apply a maximum sentence that is exactly half that of a principle offender.  An aider or abettor can be contrasted with an accomplice to a crime (such as a getaway driver) who will generally be considered a principle offender. The distinction arises from the passive nature of the encouragement or assistance given.  See also [[crimeAccomplice]]. and [[Accessory]]  [[Category:Legal Terms]]
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