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Video game

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A '''video game''' is any electronic game, typically addictive and violent, which is played on a computer or console. Though bigger than [[Hollywood]], the video game industry declined in 2012<ref></ref> as some begin to wake up to how harmful violent video games really are. Video games have caused players to drop out of college.
Video games have been linked to [[Young Mass Murderers|murders by young people]] and other [[violence]], stress-induced health problems (including unexpected heart attacks), [[atheism]], [[obesity]],<ref>[ Childhood Obesity] Department of Health and Human Services, retrieved Sept 18th 2011</ref> and [[sexual immorality]]. Several prominent murderers in recent years were inspired by video games, for example.<ref></ref>
== Various genres ==
Video games in the course of their existence have grown from the simple arcade style games, and have become more detailed and separated from one another. Genres can now include [[first person shooters]], [[racing]], [[Simulation game|simulation]], [[role-playing]], [[sports]], [[action]], [[strategy]], [[masssively multiplayer online]], [[puzzle]] and many others. Even then, games can combine genres, such as ''Mass Effect'' (Role Playing and Third Person Shooting), or not fit nicely into any genre, like ''The Mystery of the Druids''. The most popular genres tend to be shooters, action, and roleplaying games. Many video games are based off of movies, such as Star Wars or Lord of the Rings. Video games often teach critical thinking inadvertently require the players to solve problems or puzzles posed by the games.
== Popularity & Controversy ==
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