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Don Owen

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==Death and family==
Owen died of [[pneumonia]] on Father's Day 2012. His wife, the former Dagmar Oksenholt, a Danish-American and a native Shreveporter born in 1935, preceded him in death by four months. He was survived by their son, Daryl Hays Owen (born c. 1957) and wife, the former Ellen L. Berger, of McLean, [[Virginia]], daughter Donna Lynn Owen Touchstone and husband Jack Robert Touchstone, a Shreveport businessman, the son of Jack Touchstone and Kathryn Stearns "Kaye" Touchstone (1925-2013),<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Kathryn Touchstone|publisher=''The Shreveport times''|accessdate=January 19, 2013}}</ref>, and four grandchildren.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Dagmar Owen obituary|publisher=''Shreveport Times'', February 14, 2012|accessdate=July 10, 2012}}</ref> Owen's funeral service was private.<ref name=stimes/>
Daryl Owen is an attorney/[[lobbyist]] who in 1991 founded Daryl Owen Associates, a government relations and strategic consulting firm. Considered an expert in energy policy, Owen began his career in [[Washington, D.C.]], as an aide and then chief of staff to former [[U.S. Senator]] [[J. Bennett Johnston, Jr.]], a Shreveport Democrat.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Daryl Owen Associates, Inc.||accessdate=July 10, 2012}}</ref> Daryl Owen recalls his father's pioneering journalism: "There was no rulebook, there were no guidelines. They had to make it up on the fly, what the ethics were, how to deal with some of the greater issues of the day. They had to desegregate the newsroom. They put the first black anchor on the air. He pioneered the industry.”<ref name=stimes/>
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