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Cockcroft and Walton Experiment

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This '''experiment''' by [[John Cockcroft]] and [[Ernest Walton]] is heralded claimed by most some physicists as demonstrating that ''[[E=mc2|E=mc<sup>2</sup>]]''.<ref>[ Mike Poole ''Cockcroft's subatomic legacy: splitting the atom''], Cern Courier, Nov 20, 2007</ref>
Conducted in April 1932 at the [[University of Cambridge]]'s [[Cavendish Laboratory]] in England, the physicists Cockroft and Walton successfully split [[lithium]] atom [[nucleus|nuclei]] by colliding them with artificially accelerated protons. This experiment is general hailed as being the first [[transmutation]] of an element using artificially accelerated particles, for which they were honored with the [[Nobel Prize]] in 1951<ref>[ ''The Nobel Prize in Physics 1951''],, 23 Jan 2013</ref>.
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