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The female sex is defined as the one which produces the larger [[gamete]] (the egg) and which typically bears the offspring. In contrast, the male sex has a smaller gamete (sperm) and rarely bears offspring.
Sex can also refer to sexual intercourse, the physical act of reproduction, also known as "sexual relations" or "having sex."- where the male penis enters the female vagina, and ejaculates sperm cells into the female's reproductive tract. This might eventually cause a sperm cell to fertilise an egg cell, and thus reproduce. Apart from the purely reproductive part, sex in various forms(anal, oral, S/M and so on) is an important part of human social life, no longer limited to marriage(except for some religious fundamentalist societies). [[Media:Édouard-Henri_Avril_(13).jpg]] 
In some animals, sex may be assigned to specific structures rather than the entire organism. Earthworms, for example, are normally [[hermaphrodites]].