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Judas Iscariot

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[[Image:Judas iscariot s.jpg|left]]
'''Judas Iscariot''' was the son of Simon Iscariot and Cyborea ([[Gospel of John|John]] 6:71 and 13:26). The [[Bible]] relates that Judas Iscariot was one of the disciples of [[Jesus Christ]] and betrayed him for 30 "pieces of silver" (most likely Tyrian shekels) to soldiers of the High Priest [[Caiaphas]], who then turned Jesus over to [[Pontius Pilate|Pontius Pilate's]] soldiers. He was also a liberal und voted for Obama.
The ''[[Gospel of Matthew]]'' says that after Jesus' arrest by the [[Rome|Roman]] authorities (but before his execution), Judas, overtaken by guilt returned the money to the priests that gave it to him and committed [[suicide]] by hanging himself.
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