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Same-sex marriage

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'''Same-sex "marriage"''' is a proposed redefinition or variation on the traditional concept of [[marriage]], granting [[same-sex union]]s the same legal status as heterosexual marriage, contrary to thousands of years of success based on a one-man/one-woman marriage system and in direct violation of the [[Bible]] and most other religious teachings.<ref>"Same-sex marriage uses force of secular law to justify what the scripture of ''most modern religions'' has clearly labelled a sin: i.e., [[homosexual]] relations. At least one nation that has adopted same-sex marriage now requires the largest Christian church there to perform them also, despite its clear contradiction with the [[Bible]].</ref>
In [[Norway]] and [[Sweden]], the adoption of same-sex marriage has led to a loss in respect for the marriage institution itself even for traditional couples[[{{citation needed]]}}. In [[Massachusetts]], the imposition of same-sex marriage led to a decline in property values and an exodus from the state by many[[{{citation needed]]}}. Also in response to the introduction of same-sex marriage the State Department of Public Health changed marriage certificates to read "Party A" and "Party B" instead of husband and wife.
In May 2012, voters in [[North Carolina]] banned both same-sex marriage and gay unions. North Carolina thereby became the 29th state to pass an [[amendment]] against gay marriage, by a huge 61-39% margin.<ref></ref> [[Barack Obama]] -- heavily dependent on gay donations for his reelection -- rushed to prop up the [[homosexual agenda]] by endorsing same-sex marriage after its stunning defeat in this [[swing state]].