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:And here we are in some stupid little backwater of a self-described "Christian encyclopedia" and we have you, Cons. you, carrying on the fight that, over the centuries, has tortured and killed so many souls who dared to be a little different in their faith.
:And by the way; Swordsman was banned hours ago. Markman of course. He would have been lighting the fires and mocking the poor wretches in the flames a few centuries ago too!!. [[User:AlanE|AlanE]] 02:22, 18 June 2013 (EDT)
::AlanE, I haven't killed anyone and I don't hate Mary. Second, you didn't support your claim about Swordsman and I only having small differences in religious matters. Next, you have yet to show that Bible believing Protestant Christianity has a blood stained past relative to other belief systems. If I recall, you are an atheist/agnostic and Darwinist. See: [[Atheism and mass murder]] and [[Social effects of the theory of evolution]]. Lastly, you are being needlessly melodramatic. [[User:Conservative|Conservative]] 03:00, 18 June 2013 (EDT)
:::Cons. I quoted a poem! Don't take it literally! And sure I am being melodramatic - I find the pagan Roman treatment of Christians in the first few centuries of the Church rather lightweight compared to the later treatment of "heretics" by their "christian brothers". Remember, Cons. I am not coming from any particular ideological direction, hard as that may be for an ideological warrior like you to understand. Stop taking each word I write literally and try and understand the whole burden of my argument. And stop citing those ridiculous "Atheism and ...." cites. (I could could go on about "Evangelical Christians and Bedwetting" but I won't.) (And if you cared to check - Swordsman was banned by Markman, unbanned by Ryancsh, who then had second thoughts and rebanned him. And he ain't Italian - he's from quite near you actually - one of the "Boys from Syracuse". (Perhaps he was Falling in Love with Love.)
:::Oh Cons. You never cease to disappoint me!
:To the end... [[User:AlanE|AlanE]] 04:08, 18 June 2013 (EDT)
Swordsman, by the way, [ corruption is endemic in Italy and has been for a long time] and Italy is [ buried] in debt. On the other hand, "Either way, not a single Protestant or Germanic EU country has so far needed a bailout."[] See also: [ Protestant work ethic and European countries]
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