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== I am growing extremely frustrated with Conservapedia :( Every time I try and log in to see my contributions, it goes down after about 5 minutes, and then I have to get another IP address for it to work for another 5, and then it stops working again, over and over again. I'''ABOUT ME''' == m deleting my user page in case I am unable to edit it fast enough in the future, and feel free to delete my account too. I'm very unhappy as I used to be a paleoconservative- frequent contributor to the site, and paleolibertarian-influenced Republican.  == now I can'''WEB SITES''' == * [httpt anymore ://] Political columns.* [] Personal blog.* [ Rogue Central @] Rogue (the original Roguelike game)  == '''USERBOXES''' == {|class="wikitable"||<div align="right">'''U S E R'''&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</div>|<div align="left">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;'''B O X E S'''</div>||-| {{User Republican}}| {{User Libertarian}}| {{User Christian1}}| {{User Catholic}}|-| {{User American}}| {{User TEA Partier}}| {{User rightwingex}}| {{User limited govt}}|-| {{User noforcedreligion}}| {{User patriot questions authority}}| {{User free speech}}| {{User Touchy}}|-| {{User coder}}| {{User HTML}}| {{User comp-4}}| {{User Own mail}}|-| {{User free software}}| {{User evoskeptic}}| {{User GapTheory}}| {{User ronny}}|-| {{User Clintonlied}}| {{User hot air}}| {{User TooLiberal|George W. Bush}}| {{User RonPaulOK}}|-| {{User Obama acronym}}| {{User admires|Pat Buchanan}}| {{User admires|Murray Rothbard and Lew Rockwell}}| {{User nobias}}|-| {{User no death penalty}}| {{User GunControLovedByTotalitarians}}| {{User nowar}}| {{User Life begins|conception}}|-| {{User Political Compass|3|-3}}| {{User Romans disco}}| {{User PhD awesome}}| {{User tolerancecompromisetruth}}|-| {{User cows tasty}}| {{User GuardDogFear}}| {{User Block|31,337 ;)}}| {{User Mark Levin}}|}
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