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Essay:Liberal Denials about History

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/* General denials */ That most great Americans, from Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Edison to [[George Patton]], were homeschooled.
#That "Yankee ingenuity" (American inventions) far surpassed the rest of the world, and brought great wealth to it.
#That military battles are an essential part of history, and of preserving freedom.
#The That the only vote in Congress against declaring war on Japan the day after the attack on Pearl Harbor was by the first woman congressman, a suffragette.
#That there were valid reasons for past opposition to immigration which had nothing to do with racism; immigration did not enable the North to beat the South.
#That unions caused great harm, including senseless violence and lost jobs.
#That hard work was the key to the success of many Americans.
#That most great Americans, from Abraham Lincoln to Thomas Edisonto [[George Patton]], were homeschooled.
#That [[Abraham Lincoln]]'s [[faith]] grew while he was President.
#That [[Benjamin Franklin]] abandoned the [[Deism]] of his youth later in his life.
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