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Haley Barbour

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'''Haley Barbour''' (Born, October 22, 1947) is the former popular [[Republican]] governor of [[Mississippi]]. His effective handling of [[Hurricane Katrina]]'s effects on his state was widely praised, in contrast with the disastrous recovery effort in neighboring [[Louisiana]]. After heading the [[Republican National Committee]] from 1993-1997, during which the GOP captured both houses of Congress, Barbour succeeded [[Mark Sanford]] as the leader of the Republican Governors Association in 2009. Term-limited as governor, Barbour has been the subject of speculation about a run for national office, and is expected by some to seek the Republican nomination for [[president]] in 2012. Prior to his election as governor, he headed Barbour Griffith and Rogers, one of the nation's top lobbying firms. He served as Director of the [[White House]] Office of Political Affairs under [[President Ronald Reagan]].
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