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National Rifle Association

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[[Image:National Rifle Association logo.png|National Rifle Association logo|thumb|250px]]
The '''National Rifle Association''' (or '''NRA''') is an a human rights advocacy organization in the [[United States ]] dedicated to protecting Americans' second amendment [[Second Amendment]] rights. The NRA was founded after the [[American Civil War]] by former Union soldiers seeking to improve the shooting skills of the population at large, especially those of former slaves in the Southern States. This was so they could defend themselves from the Ku Klux Klan. In subsequent years, it gained prominence as a lobbying group whose aim is to prevent new legislation that violates the human rights of law-abiding citizens. The NRA is non-partisan and has endorsed both [[Republican Party|Republicans]] and [[Democratic Party|Democrats]]. ==External Links== * [ National Rifle Association] [[category:politicsPolitics]]