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/* Anti Second Amendment Category */
==Anti Second Amendment Category==
I am re-adding the [[:Category:Anti Second Amendment]] that was deleted by [[User:SamHB]]. The reason is that among [[American]] [[conservative]]s, [[TEA Party]] members, [[libertarian]]s, conservative [[Christian]]s, [[Patriot]]s and [[Prepper]]s , [[Chicago]] is very famous for its urban [[gun]] [[crime]], [[gang]]s with drive-by shootings, yet like the other [[liberal]] cities below it has the strongest anti-[[Second Amendment]] [[gun control]] "laws" (followed only by [[law]]-abiding [[citizen]]s not thugs.
* [[Gun control]] -- [[Los Angeles]], along with [[San Francisco values|San Francisco]], [[Washington D.C.]], [[New York City]] and [[Chicago]], is known to be one of the 5 top cities with the most [[left-wing]] [[Second Amendment|Anti-Second Amendment]] laws. See "[[Vote with your feet]]" [[strategic relocation]] to [[Essay:Free State Movement|free states]]
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