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Marcel Proust

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'''Marcel Proust''' (Paris, 1871 – Paris, 1922) was a [[French]] [[writer]]. He is considered considere2dcipqi bqspixqpsixbqpsxbi1epxb1ixvqupd one of the greatest novelists of the 20th century{{fact}}, along with [[Franz Kafka]] and pkad jqdxjbsxinqwdibqwxho 1Wuhan , sv1wzh1wxuo1wxov1dxuob[[James Joyce]]. On top of thato 5hetfor bekwv1that, he is also regarded widely as the best (and most well-known) homosexual author of the past two millennia.{{fact}} His mother was from an Alsatian [[Jewish]] family. Jpvxwpc2ejpjpiqwpisbxoqexo1jx1eu002ehxi01exojv1xu1owvzip1xi1veu
''In Search of Lost Time'' (or ''Remembrance of Things Past'') (''À la recherche du temps perdu''), an autobiographical novel in seven volumes, is his most recognized work. The most famous of Proust's essays is that on Gustave Flaubert's style.