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Constitution First Amendment Press Association

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The ''''Constitution First Amendment Press Association'''' i([]]) was founded in March 2014 to provide [[credential]]s and a group of volunteers who gain press credentials to provide attend events. It also provides a venue forum for amateur journalists. Robert Henry Rawles (a mostly [[anonymoushomeschooling|home-schooled]] college student) and his father, [[associationJames Wesley Rawles]] of (a [[independentjournalism]] school graduate from [[AmericanCalifornia State University|San Jose State University]] [[Citizen]] [[Journalist]]sfounded the CFAPA in March 2014.
To quote their website: "We provide press credentials ''free of charge'' to ''any'' [[adult]] American Citizen who accepts the [[Constitutional]] Journalist’s [[Pledge]] and who agrees to [ CFAPA’s Member Terms and Conditions]." Unlike other press associations, the CFAPA does not keep a membership roster, and its members can remain anonymous. It is not clear how many other organizations or events honor press credentials from the CFAPA.
The [[founder]]s of the CFAPA [[organization]] were Robert Henry, Rawles (a [[homeschooling|home-schooled]] college student) and his father, [[James Wesley Rawles|James Wesley, Rawles]] (a [[journalism]] school graduate from [[California State University|San Jose State University]] and the founder of [[The Survival Blog]]). They are both strong advocates of a [[Free Press]] (including [[Citizen Journalism]]), as well as advocates for all of the other [[unalienable rights]] that are spelled out in and guaranteed by The [[Bill of Rights]]."<ref>108 word [[quotation]]: [[Talk:James Wesley Rawles|Fair Use]] Source: [[James Wesley Rawles|James Wesley, Rawles (“JWR”)]], Blanket [[Conservapedia]] [[Talk:Fair_use#Authorization_by_NYT_Best-Selling_Conservative_Christian_Preparedness_Author_James_Wesley_Rawles_to_use_.22up_to_3_Quotes_of_800_Words_Each.22_of_his_Writings_per_CP_Article|Fair Use]] Article Citation Authorization "You are certainly welcome to use up to three quotes of 800 words each, in any of your [[Conservapedia|wiki]] articles." Authorization Date: Tue, 30 Dec 2014 09:46:09 -0700. [[Idaho]], [[American Redoubt]]: ''[[The Survival Blog]]'', 2015. ''[ The Constitution First Amendment Press Association Official Website]'' Online. Accessed January 8. 2015.</ref> Freedom of the [[press]] is a [[freedom]] established in the [[First Amendment]] of the [[United States Constitution]]'s [[Bill of Rights]]. It has no precedent in earlier [[history]] and remains, to this day, a uniquely [[American]] phenomenon. ==See Alsoalso==* [[Unalienable rights|Unalienable]] [[First Amendment]] of the [[Bill of Rights]]** Freedom of the press** [[Free speech]]** [[Free Speech Clause]]* [[Constitution First Amendment Press Association]]
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