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Robert Jordan

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- Three thousand years go past. The world rebuilds itself enough to have reached a technological point equivalent to the Middle Ages. There are fewer Aes Sedai than there have ever been and all Aes Sedai are female. The taint of the Dark One is still present on the male half of the One Power and so all men that show an ability to channel must either have the ability to channel removed, or be killed, for the safety of everybody in the world. However, prophecy says that one day the Dark One will find a way to free himself again and that the Dragon, a male channeler of the One Power, will be reborn to unify the nations of the world and defeat the Dark One. However, the prophecies also say that the Dragon will die in the process of defeating the Dark One.
- The Dragon is reborn and at the same time the Dark One begins to break free from his prison. However, the Dragon is greeted with fear and loathing. Many false Dragons have declared themselves in an attempt to craft an empire, and have always left bloodshed and fear in their wake before they are dealt with. Furthermore, as a male Aes Sedai the Dragon will go insane due to the Dark One's taint. Therefore , the Dragon must wrest control of most the nations of the world so that there is an adequate force to face the Dark One, Forsaken and armies in what is known as the Last Battle, also called Tarmon Gai'don (pronounced as to sound similar to Armageddon, with the obvious analogies to be made). If the Dragon fails in his task then the Dark One will be free to try to wrest control of the Wheel from the Light, which would give the Dark One the chance to remake the world in his own image. The Dragon must stop the Dark One, knowing that doing so will cost him his sanity and his life.
'''Magic in the Wheel of Time'''
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