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United Kingdom Independence Party

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[[File:Farage.jpg|thumb|200px|UKIP leader, [[Nigel Farage]], wants to take Britain out of the [[EU]] and subject immigration to stricter legal controls, particularly those coming from Eastern Europe]]
The '''United Kingdom Independence Party''', also known by the acronym '''UKIP''' (pronounced "you-kip", its followers colloquially affectionately known as "Kippers"), is a political party in the United Kingdom. Founded in 1993, it campaigns for [[British]] withdrawal from the [[European Union]] (EU). Its support-base is made up substantially of social conservative, traditional conservative and libertarian voters who are opposed to the surrender of British sovereignty. The current leader of UKIP is Nigel Farage, a traditionalist figure in British politics. It is also one of the fastest-growing British political parties; according to a YouTube interview with Farage in May 2015, the party has 47,000 members.
In the 2008 European elections UKIP came second, with 16.5% of the vote and 13 of the UK's 78 seats in the [[European Parliament]]. In the Parliamentary election of May 6th 2010, UKIP got 3.1% of the vote, a total of 917,232, an increase of 50% on the previous parliamentary election vote. However, owing to the electoral system, they still did not receive any MPs; therefore, the party is fervently in support for [[proportional representation]], forging an unlikely alliance with the Green Party of England and Wales (an eco-socialist party) and the [[Liberal Democrats]] (an allegedly centrist party, although a significant proportion of its policies come from the social democratic – ''i.e.'' [[socialist]] – trend). UKIP has 2 members in the [[House of Lords]].
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