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Global atheism

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[[File:Birkbeck College Street View.jpg|right|thumbnail|200px|[[Eric Kaufmann]], a professor at [[Birkbeck College, University of London]], using a a wealth of demographic studies, argues that there will be a significant decline of global atheism in the 21st century which will impact the [[Western World]].<ref>
*[ Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London]
*[ Eric Kaufmann: Shall The Religious Inherit The Earth?]
A survey published in the 2005 ''[[Encyclopedia Britannica]]'' stated that 2.3% of the world's population consists of individuals who profess "[[atheism]], skepticism, disbelief, or irreligion, including the militantly antireligious."<ref></ref>
In respect to the 2.3% figure just mentioned, the 2005 survey cited by ''Encyclopedia Britannica'' survey did not include [[Buddhism|Buddhist]] in regards to the 2.3% figure and Buddhism can be [[Theism|theistic]] or atheistic.<ref></ref><ref></ref> [[Ipsos]], a major global market research company, published a report on report on religious belief/skepticism from a worlwide worldwide perspective and the report provides [ various statistics gained from survey results].
Atheists as a percentage of the world's population have declined since 1970 and global atheism is expected to face long term decline.<ref>
The ''American Spectator'', writing in 2011 about research published in the ''International Bulletin of Missionary Research'', declared:
{{cquote|The report estimates about 80,000 new [[Christianity|Christians]] every day, 79,000 new [[Islam|Muslims]] every day, and 300 fewer [[atheism|atheists]] every day. These atheists are presumably disproportionately represented in the [[Western World|West]], while religion is thriving in the Global South, where [[Charismatic movement|charismatic Christianity]] is exploding."<ref>[ Thriving Christianity]</ref>}}
In 2009, the book ''A sceptics guide to atheism'' indicated: "A worldwide poll taken in 1991
Christianity is rapidly growing in China. China is on course to have the largest Christian population in the world by 2030.<ref>[ China on course to become 'world's most Christian nation' within 15 years] by Tom Phillips, ''The Telegraph'', April 19, 2014</ref> See also: [[Growth of Christianity in China]]
Historically, Christians have made great evangelism efforts to reach every people group across the earth. In 2005, there were four times as many non-[[Western World]] Christians as there were Western World Christians.<ref>[ Is Christianity taking over the planet?]</ref> Doing overseas evangelism/outreaches, often requires significant hardships/persecution and Western atheists have been unwilling to endure such hardships in order to spread atheistic ideology (see: [[Atheism and hedonism]]).
The former [[Soviet Union]] had a worldwide expansionist policy as far as spreading atheistic communism.<ref>''America Coming to Terms: The Vietnam Legacy'' By Nguyen Anh Tuan, page 82</ref> The collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 led to a spike in religious affiliation, both in [[Russia]] and in Eastern Europe.<ref>[Global Study: Atheists in Decline, Only 1.8% of World Population by 2020] by Michael W. Chapman, CNS News, July 24, 2013 - 2:18 PM</ref>
''See also:'' [[Western atheism and race]] and [[British atheism]] and [[American atheism]]
The atheist community has not had significant outreach to racial minorities within the [[Western World]] whereas Christians have done this (particularly among the poor).<ref>[ Atheism has a big race problem that no one’s talking about] by Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson, Washington Post June 16, 2014</ref> The atheist Dr. Sikivu Hutchinson declared “If mainstream freethought and [[Secular humanism|humanism]] continue to reflect the narrow cultural interests of white elites who have disposable income to go to conferences then the secular movement is destined to remain marginal and insular.”<ref>[ Atheism’s white male problem: A movement needs a moral cause beyond glamorizing disbelief] by CJ Werleman, ''Salon, '' October 4, 2014</ref>
== Expected racial demographic changes in the Western World ==
On September 27, 2014 in a blog post entitled ''The Atheist Disillusionment'', the prominent atheist [[PZ Myers]] declared:
{{cquote|I will make a prediction, right here and now.... The number of people identifying as [[atheism|atheists]] will stagnate or even shrink, because organized atheism is happily in the process of destroying itself with regressive social attitudes, scandals, and their bizarre focus on irrelevant metaphysical differences that don’t help people...
Unless we change.
I don’t know that we can.<ref>[ ''The Atheist Disillusionment''] - [[PZ Myers]], September 27, 2014</ref>}}
Please see: [[Atheist movement]]
''See also:'' [[Atheism and leadership]] and [[Atheism and cowardice]]
{{cquote|Worldwide, the [[Desecularization|march of religion]] can probably only be reversed by a renewed, self-aware secularism. Today, it appears exhausted and lacking in confidence... Secularism's greatest triumphs owe less to science than to popular social movements like nationalism, socialism and 1960s anarchist-liberalism. Ironically, secularism's demographic deficit means that it will probably only succeed in the twenty-first century if it can create a secular form of 'religious' enthusiasm." - the agnostic professor [[Eric Kaufmann]], Birbeck College, University of London, UK, 2010<ref>[ Shall the religious inherit the earth? - Eric Kaufmann]</ref>}}
== Decline of atheism in terms of global adherents is expected to continue ==
''See also:'' [[Growth of global desecularization]]
[[File:Runner-md.png|thumbnail|right|200px|The [[Decline of atheism|decline]] of global atheism is a trend and it is expected to affect [[Western World]] atheism.<ref>[ Why are the years 2012 and 2020 key years for Christian creationists and pro-lifers?]</ref><ref>[ Globally the worldviews of atheism and non-religious (agnostic) are declining while global Christianity is exploding in adherents]</ref>]][[Eric Kaufmann]] using a wealth of demographic studies argues the [[decline of atheism]] in terms of its global adherents is an established trend that will persist for the foreseeable future.<ref>[ Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London]</ref><ref>[ Eric Kaufmann: Shall The Religious Inherit The Earth?]</ref><ref>[ Eric Kaufmann's Atheist Demographic series]</ref><ref>[ Eric Kaufmann: Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?, Australian Broadcasting Corporation]</ref> In addition, Kaufmann argues that religious conservatism has a long term trend of rising and that their influence in the world will significantly increase.<ref>[ Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London]</ref> Kaufmann is author of the book ''Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?''.<ref>[ Shall the religious inherit the earth by David Kaufmann]</ref><ref>[ Early paper - Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London]</ref> In the [[Western World]] due to immigration and the higher birth rates of religious people, Kaufman writes: "Committed religious populations are growing in the West, and will reverse the march of secularism before 2050."<ref>[ Early paper - Shall the Religious Inherit the Earth?: Demography and Politics in the Twenty-First Century by Eric Kaufmann, Belfer Center, Harvard University/Birkbeck College, University of London]</ref>
Kaufmann told a secular audience in Australia: "The trends that are happening worldwide inevitably in an age of globalization are going to affect us."<ref>[ Shall the religious inherit the earth]</ref> Furthermore, Kaufmann also argues that secularization may reverse itself significantly earlier than 2050 in the West due to religious immigration and a religious population which is increasingly resistant to secularization in Europe.<ref>[ European immigration will pour Christian creationists into Europe]</ref><ref>[ The future of European Darwinism and atheism is bleak]</ref> In 2010 it was reported that the rate of secularisation flattened to zero in most of Protestant Europe and France.<ref>[ Shall the religious inherit the earth]</ref> In terms of the English speaking world, Google trend data as of August 2013 indicates that the world's interest in atheism and [[evolution]]ism has declined since 2004 while interest in [[God]] has increased.<ref>[ Google trends: Interest in atheism and evolution down. Google searches for God are up. Atheism beaches will be softened up before major attacks on atheism ]</ref>
One of the steepest declines of atheism that is expected to occur is in [[China]] which currently has the largest atheist population in the world. China is experiencing a rapid growth of theologically [[conservative]] [[Christianity]] which will have a significant effect on the global atheist population.<ref>[ 10 reasons why biblical Christianity will flood the UK in the 21st century]</ref> It will also have an effect on the United Kingdom (UK) in the 21st century as Chinese immigrants are currently the largest group of immigrants arriving in the UK.<ref>[ 10 reasons why biblical Christianity will flood the UK in the 21st century]</ref>
In addition, currently the [[Western World]] population is aging in terms of its demographic makeup, particularly in secular [[Europe]], and it has been found that belief in God grows as a person's death nears.<ref>[ Belief in God grows as mortality nears, survey says]</ref><ref>[ The Demographic Winter and the Barren Left]</ref>
For more information please see:
*[[Growth of global desecularization]]
*[[Atheist Population|Atheist population]]
== WIN/Gallup International data on global atheism ==
''See also:'' [[Internet atheism]] and [[Atheistic bullying]]
During the period of 2007 to 2012, the [[Atheist Population|atheist community]] made a concerted effort to spread [[atheism]] through [[Atheism and the internet|means of the internet]]. However, leading atheist websites have seen plunges in web traffic during this same period and during the first half of 2012.<ref>[ Internet atheism: The thrill is gone!]</ref>
In May 2012, it was pointed out by supporters of [[Creation Ministries International]]'s [[Question evolution! campaign]] that from a global internet perspective the public's interest in the views of the [[agnosticism|agnostic]]/[[weak atheism|weak atheist]] [[Richard Dawkins]] and the atheist [[PZ Myers]] and in atheism are on the decline while interest in [[Jesus]] and [[Christianity]] are on the upswing.<ref>
*[ Jesus vs. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers - Jesus wins!]
*[ Round 2: Jesus vs. Richard Dawkins and PZ Myers - Jesus triumphs again! Onward Christian soldiers!]
{{cquote|The 1990s was the decade when the “secular boom” occurred – each year 1.3 million more adult Americans joined the ranks of the Nones. Since 2001 the annual increase has halved to 660,000 a year...
Regarding belief in the divine, most Nones are neither [[atheism|atheists]] nor [[theism|theists]] but rather [[agnosticism|agnostics]] and [[deism|deists]] (59%) and perhaps best described as [[Philosophical skepticism|skeptics]].<ref>[ Press: Americans Who Don’t Identify with a Religion No Longer a Fringe Group]</ref>}}
The Birkbeck College, University of London professor Eric Kaufman wrote in his 2010 book ''Shall the Righteous Inherit the Earth?'' concerning America:
''See also:'' [[Atheism and cowardice]]
In 2010, the prominent atheists who attended the 2010 global atheist conference, which included Richard Dawkins, were challenged to a debate by Creation Ministries International.<ref></ref> Richard Dawkins, [[PZ Myers]] and other prominent atheists refused to debate the [[creation science|creation scientists]] at [[Creation Ministries International]].<ref></ref> Generally speaking, [[creation scientists tend to win the creation vs. evolution debates]].
PZ Myers also refuses to debate [[Vox Day]] on the existence of God or concerning evolution <ref>[ Speaking of Assiduous Absconders]</ref>
''See also:'' [[Atheism vs. Christian revival and Christian apologetics]]
Reverend Dwight Longenecker wrote: "In the late eighteenth century [[atheism]], [[rationalism]] and [[Freemasonry]] seemed to have taken over [[Europe]]. By the mid to late nineteenth century religious revival had swept through Europe and Christianity was surging forward."<ref>[ The Facts: Atheism is Dying Out], by Rev. Dwight Longenecker, April 8, 2015</ref>
== Methodological flaws in some religious/atheism surveys ==
== See also ==
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