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Paul Ryan

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Simply put, Paul Ryan is a puppet for the [[Establishment]].
'''Paul D. Ryan, Jr.''' (born January 29, 1970) is the Speaker of the House of Representatives and was the [[Republican]] nominee for [[Vice President]] in the [[Presidential Election 2012]], as selected by [[Mitt Romney]] on August 11. In 2016, Ryan declined to support [[GOP]] presidential nominee [[Donald Trump]] and as a result faces a spirited primary challenge backed by [[Sarah Palin]].
Paul Ryan has repeatedly caved into the [[homosexual agenda]], beginning as early as 2007 when he voted for special rights for [[homosexuals]] in the EDNA bill. Subsequently he support adoption by homosexual couples, and changing the military to appease the homosexual movement. Ryan also cast votes in favor of funding [[amnesty]], in favor of bailing out [[Wall Street]] ([[TARP]]), and in favor of a budget that continued funding for [[Planned Parenthood]]. Ryan used his power in the House to punish [[conservative]] members, and was a cheerleader to transfer power to [[Obama]] with the Trade Promotion Authority. Simply put, Paul Ryan is a puppet for the [[Establishment]].
He claims a [[pro-life]] voting record throughout his numerous terms as U.S. Representative for [[Wisconsin]]'s 1st Congressional District. He is the chairman of the House Budget Committee. Because Ryan ran for reelection to Congress while being the 2012 Vice Presidential candidate, he was able to continue in public service despite his defeat for Vice President.
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