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Potential energy

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'''Potential energy''' is [[energy]] that is stored in an object, . An example is gravitational potential energy such as the energy in that of a [[roller coaster]] train at the peak of its lift [[hill]].<ref>Wile, Jay L. ''Exploring Creation With Chemistry''. Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. 1998</ref>
The formula of for gravitational potential energy for two point masses is::<math>E_V = -\mathrm frac{potGMm} = {r}</math> where:<math>G</math> is Newton's [[gravitational constant]]:<math>M</math> and <math>m </math> are the [[mass (science)|masses]] of the two particles:<math>r</math> is their separation If one particle moves a radial distance (towards or away) from the other a distance <math>\Delta h</math> and <math>\Delta h \ll r</math>, g then the change in potential <math>\Delta E</math> can be approximated by :<math>\Delta E = mg \, \Delta h</math> where <math>g</math> is the gravitational field strength in the vicinity of the initial and final points.
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