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Silent majority

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===="Women's March"====
{{See also|Women's March}}
After Trump's inauguration, a vocal minority of leftist protesters staged "women's marches" around the world.<ref>Keneally, Meghan (January 22, 2017). [ More than 1 Million Rally at Women's Marches in US and Around World]. ''ABC News''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref> This "women's march" was largely just a sham intended to bash President Trump and promote far-left and [[feminist]] ideology that hundreds of millions of women oppose.<ref name="LiberalTPs">Mcardle, Mairead (January 21, 2017). [ Women's March sports slew of liberal talking points]. ''Washington Examiner''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref> Additionally, [[pro-life]] groups were excluded from the D.C. march, even though they support the humane principle of opposing legalized murder.<ref name="LiberalTPs"/> Additionally, hateful leftist activists such as [[Madonna Ciccone|Madonna]]<ref>[ Madonna gives profanity-laced speech at Women's March in Washington]. ''Fox News''. January 21, 2017. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref> and [[Ashley Judd]]<ref>Laila, Cristina (January 21, 2017). [ Unhinged! Ashley Judd Recites ‘Nasty Woman’ Poem At Women’s March (VIDEO)]. ''The Gateway Pundit''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref> gave hateful, vulgar, and idiotic rants against Trump. These protesters forgot that Trump still managed to win about 42% of women and won a strong majority of about 53% of white women according to liberal "mainstream" exit polls.<ref>[ Presidential Results]. ''NBC News''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref><ref>[ Exit polls]. ''CNN''. Retrieved January 22, 2017.</ref>
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