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[[Image:Allah.png|thumb|right|200px|"Allah" in simple [[Arabic language|Arabic]] calligraphy. In Islam any image depicting God is strictly forbidden.]]
The name '''''Allah''''' (الله) is the [[Arabic]] term which adherents of [[Islam]] claim refers to the god of Islamand should not be confused with [[Jehovah]] or [[Yahweh]] of the Bible, or 'the Father' of the [[New Testament]]. This [[theonym]] is likely a contraction of Arabic ''Al-'ilāh'' (ال إِله), which means "the god".<ref></ref> It In the [[Semitic]] languages it is thus related to the Hebrew term [[Elohim|Eloh(-im)]].
Islam claims that Allah is the personal name of God and comprises all of the [[99 Names of God]] in Islam. When a Muslim refers to Allah, he thinks of God as being One, Creator, Owner, Sustainer, and Almighty. In Arabic, the name is composed of four letters, ا ل ل ه (or Alif, Lam, Lam, Ha) which when brought together make الله. [[Arab]] [[Christians]] often use this name simply to mean "[[God]]". (The generic word for "god" is simply'' 'ilāh'', though due to the strong association of Arabic with Islam this word is rarely used in modern speech.) These Christians do maintain a belief in the traditional Christian [[Trinity]], however, and believe that Allah consists of the Father, Son and Spirit.
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