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Romantic paintings

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''' Romantic paintings''' </font>
[[Romanticism]] was an artistic style popular in the early 19th century. It emphasized the need for art to express emotion, irrational feelings, and imagination.
''"Romanticism is precisely situated neither in choice of subject nor in exact truth, but in a way of feeling."'' [[Charles Baudelaire]]
[[Jean-Antoine Watteau]],
<gallery perrow="5">
Image:Watteau Love in the French Theather.jpg|Love in the French Theatre
Image:Watteau La Leçon d'Amour.jpg|La Leçon d'Amour
Image:Watteau Peaceful Love.jpg|Peaceful Love
Image:Watteau La Gamme d'Amour.jpg|La Gamme d'Amour
Image:Watteau The Pleasures of Love.jpg|The Pleasures of Love
[[Image:Watteau The Bird Nester.jpg]]
Watteau, The Bird Nester.
[[Jean-Honoré Fragonard]]
The four Fragonard Paintings for Madame Du Barry representing The Progress of Love.
Image:Fragonard The Pursuit.jpg|The Pursuit
Image:Fragonard The Meeting.jpg|The Meeting
Image:Fragonard Love Letters.jpg|Love Letters
Image:Fragonard The Lover Crowned.jpg|The Lover Crowned
[[Image:Fragonard The Love Vow...jpg]]
Fragonard, The Love Vow.
Romantic ideals and explorations of emotional states, were shared by painters of the Romanticism like: [[Eugene Delacroix]], [[Francisco de Goya]], [[William Turner]] and [[John Constable]]. Romanticism flourished in France and Britain in the early decades of the nineteenth century.
[[Image:Delacroix The Death of Sardanapalus.jpg]]
Death of Sardanapalus by Delacroix.
Romantic artists were fascinated by the nature, the genius, their passions and inner struggles, their moods, mental potentials, the heroes. []
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[[Image:Cupid.jpg|right|thumb|Wet Cupid by [[Adolphe William Bouguereau]], 1891.]]
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[[Image:Fragonard Happy Lovers.jpg|thumb|left|330px|Fragonard, Happy Lovers.]]
[[File:Dmitry Levitzky Portrait of E N Khovanskaia and E N Khrushcheva 1773.jpg|thumb|center|Dmitry Levitzky, Portrait of E.N. Khovanskaia and E.N. Khrushcheva, 1773.]]
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[[Image:Heighton Romantic Stroll.jpg|thumb|The Lovers by Brent Heighton]]
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[[File:Richter Bridal procession 1847.jpg|thumb|left|[[Adrian Ludwig Richter]], Bridal procession, 1847.]]
[[File:Asters in a Vase by Henri Fantin-Latour, 1875.jpg|thumb|Asters in a Vase by [[Henri Fantin Latour|Henri Fantin-Latour]].]]
[[File:Severin Roesen Blumenstillleben 1860-1867.jpg|thumb|left|[[Severin Roesen]], Blumenstillleben, 1860-1867.]]
[[File:Loutherbourg The Falls of the Rhine at Schaffhausen 1788.jpg|thumb|[[Philippe De Loutherbourg]], The Falls of the Rhine at Schaffhausen, 1788.]]
[[File:Ricciardo Meacci Isabella e il vaso di basilico 1890.jpg|thumb|center|400px|Ricciardo Meacci, Isabella e il vaso di basilico, 1890.]]
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