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Judicial activism

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*''[[Griswold v. Connecticut]] '' — 1965 Supreme Court ruling establishing a constitutional right to possess, distribute and use [[contraception]].*''[[Roe v. Wade]] '' — 1973 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[abortion]].*''[[Lawrence v. Texas]] '' — 2003 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[sodomy]].*''[[Obergefell v. Hodges]] '' — 2015 Supreme Court ruling claiming a constitutional "right" to [[same-sex marriage|same-sex "marriage"]].
*The [[Nicaragua]]n Supreme Court ruling allowing incumbent president [[Daniel Ortega]] to contest the 2011 election. The Nicaraguan Constitution forbids an individual from serving as president for more than two non-consecutive terms, disbarring Ortega from filing for reelection on both of these counts. Daniel Ortega, not willing to give up power, had the [[Sandinistas|Sandinista]]-controlled Supreme Court overrule the current law as being in "violation" of human rights.<ref>[ Nicaragua’s Presidential Elections: How Daniel Ortega Could Shame Democracy - The American Heritage Foundation]</ref>
*The [[Israel]]i Supreme Court is known for making ideologically based decisions and issuing rulings in favor of the country's Left camp and against its opponents.<ref>[ The Threat to Israeli Liberties from the Israeli Supreme Court - The American Thinker]</ref> Examples of this include forcing the Israelis government to recognize [[same-sex marriage|same-sex "marriages"]] performed abroad.<ref>[ Israel's Supreme Court Approves Same-Sex Marriages Performed Abroad - Associated Press]</ref>
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